Nearly one year ago, I began researching a redesign: primary and secondary packaging (i.e.: bottle and box) as well as my website. It was time for a fresh start—not because of difficulties, but because things were going so well! I never set out to launch a perfume business, instead, the business found me. As a result, my fragrance line came together incrementally: fragrances first, then some packaging, etsy for awhile...later I added the scents to my visual art portfolio website. It was all starting to feel like a house that had been remodeled by several different contractors. So today, I'm pleased to announce not just one new website but two (separate sites for my fragrance line and my art practice), as well as new boxes, and new bottles. It's a been quite an adventure!A year ago I thought I would have the new packaging...soon. But it took a bit longer than that. (And yes, I'm a little tired-out right now.)

My work in perfume  began as part of my studio art practice, not as a commercial venture. I created my scents (and still do) alongside my paintings. In 2013, I was invited to participate in the Artisan Fragrance Salon, so I created a "line." Yosh Han had been to a few of my art shows, was interested in my work and strongly encouraged me to participate. Somehow I managed to source bottles, labels and boxes. I used my graphic skills to create a low-key look...and suddenly I had a "brand." I knew the fragrance audience was very discriminating. I felt like an intruder into this wonderful little world. I certainly didn't expect people to take my work seriously! But I was delighted when they did. Three years later, my perfumes have taken on a life of their own. 

I'm very proud to offer a fine, flame-polished, French glass bottle. It's very solid and shows off the "juice" in a beautiful way. The pump is a big improvement over my previous pump, which was functional but the action and mist never felt right to me (one of many details I learned "the heard way"). I also have a newly redesigned box that is made without glue from a single sheet. The minimal exterior opens like an origami flower with a surprise patterned interior, a different pattern for each perfume.

I spent a lot of time imagining how to offer a unique box that would express the visual aspect of my work and also the values of my brand. It would need to be elegant and feel special—but also not wasteful. There's a lot of beautiful, elaborate packaging out there. I certainly admire it, but I wanted to keep the focus (and financial resources) on the materials going into the actual juice, not on expensive boxes and or internal, vaccum-formed cradles and foam that ultimately create landfill. Plus, making these scents by hand out of my art studio in San Francisco, my storage is limited. I don't have room for 10,000 rigid, set-up boxes. This design allows me to store my boxes flat. 

Also websites: I now have two! My art portfolio is now separate from the sales website. Both of these endeavors are intertwined, but communicating about each of them at the same time was getting tricky and the website felt cluttered. The new designs are streamlined and easier to navigate.

Finally, the scents. Longtime fans will notice changes. Jimmy has been retired, Seyrig is on her way (so get a bottle now if you've been on the fence!). Au Delà will be back on a seasonal basis. And yes, there's a new one in the wings. If all goes well, it will be available... soon ;)