Au Delà - Narcisse Returns!

Two years ago, I began offering a limited-edition version of my perfume Au Delà, using a rare French narcissus absolute. Exclusively available via my website, and only on a seasonal basis, each edition has sold out very quickly and the fragrance has a very loyal following. After many requests, I am now offering Au Delà - Narcisse as a permanent part of my line.

Au Delà - Narcisse is a classic white-floral chypre, made in the old-school way with genuine oakmoss and labdanum. The narcissus note is clear, fresh and unmistakable, and is supported by heavy doses of Egyptian jasmine and French orange flower absolutes. I make this with a rare and exquisite extraction of Narcissus, but this is no fading flower! The florals are supported by a classic base, richly spicy, and resinous and with just the right amount of animalic purr. The proportion of these high quality natural floral absolutes is very high and the formula is far and away my most expensive. The retail price is therefore a bit higher than my other scents. 
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Bruno Fazzolari