Dark, rich, mysterious, intoxicating amber with chocolate, tobacco, incense and woody notes. Loaded with real tonka bean absolute! Perfect for a night out—or a night in!

NOTES: saffron, carnation, chocolate, tobacco, leather, labdanum, sandalwood, cedar, frankincense, tonka bean, vanilla.

OCCASIONS: dark winter nights; rich meals; extravagant drinks; good company; sensuality.

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Among other things, Ummagumma refers to an infamously heady and weird Pink Floyd album from 1969. Chocolate and tonka bean create a euphoric gourmand opening melded with the richness of tobacco that gradually gives way to ambery labdanum, cedar and incense all warmed by soft musks.

"I love ummagumma! First sensation: strong alluring contraband—stolen tobacco. Then, the Summer of Love incense aura ascends. Later—a mellow illicit roundness—a sense of tea rooms, beatnik kif—illegality." —Wayne Koestenbaum