This innovative twist on a classic blend of citrus, herbs and woods is fresh and lively. Sparkling citrus notes of bright lemon and fruity red mandarin balanced by crisp, green petitgrain and fresh rosemary. To get the etherial effect, Five uses real Neroli (steam-distilled orange flowers); so expensive it’s rarely, if ever, found in mainstream fragrances. Vibrant, deep, clear.

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"Five was the first perfume I ever included in one of my gallery shows. I created an abstract installation inspired by sky and sunlight and the shimmer of primary colors in crisp, clear air." —Bruno Fazzolari


TOP NOTES Lemon, Red Mandarin, Bergamot
MID NOTES Neroli, Rosemary, Petitgrain
MID NOTES Sweet Woods, Minerals, Saltwater

SEASON/TIME OF DAY/OCCASION: Summer/Morning/First Impressions


"Wow. The opening (and well, the evolution too) of Five by Fazzolari is just “wow”. Powerful, deep, extremely clear and completely unique, at least for my experience. A very innovative sort of classic “eau de cologne” with citrus, edgy green notes and a very light powdery-mossy base... but richly infused with a sort of thick, evocative salty-watery feel." —Colin Maillard,