Inspired by the burnished colors of classic Italian fresco painting: juicy grapefruit and apricot laced through with green leaves and an unusual, fresh setting plaster note. Luscious and radiant.

NOTES: pink grapefruit, green leaves, carrot seed, osmanthus, jasmine, white musk, setting plaster.

OCCASIONS: late spring; summer; warm evenings; aperitif; Sunday in the Park; sun-dappled shade.

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"This has to be the most underrated, best niche citrus out right now! Beats bergamot 22 lets just say that ... This stuff is so well balanced and just perfect. Not too sharp and not too dull or fruity , amazing. Full bottle worthy." —ConsumerThis, Fragrantica

“This one is amazing. This starts as the brightest, natural smelling citrus and then develops…the green notes and musk hide out from the citrus until the far drydown. This may be MY summer perfume. Fabulous!” —Fragrantica user