Room 237

Room 237


Angelica :: Flea Bane :: Estragon :: Oppoponax :: Costus :: Olibanum :: Vinyl Shower Curtain ::  

Named after the spotless hotel room and source of all evil in Stanley Kubrick’s film, The Shining. Supernatural green notes and herbs haunt a base of oppoponax and costus root. Ultra-fresh, uncanny, chilling.

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"I have been wearing this lurid aroma for awhile and find myself in love … It is like nothing else in my collection."  —The Silver Fox blog

"What a great perfume! Not only is it entertaining … but it smells wonderful … the colors, the smell of soap, steam—there is a sense of cleanliness with something a little "off." In a strange evolution for a perfume, it opens with a citrus-woody accord and then almost in reverse backs into a green-musky accord. These two profiles smell like two different perfumes coming together as one, like two people in an embrace." —Chris Starker,