Tropical cocktail of big sandalwood, black tea and pineapple. Fresh, delicious and long-lasting.

NOTES: bergamot, black tea, clary sage, pineapple, New Caledonian sandalwood, labdanum, vanilla, ocean breezes.

OCCASIONS: Beach holidays, real and imagined.

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If I had to go with only one fragrance for the rest of my life, Unsettled might be my choice. The sandalwood and other scents work together to create an incredible fragrance. It is strong enough to stay with you all day and is enjoyable every time you get a smell of it. —echo4kilo, Fragrantica

The fragrance takes its inspiration from the history of the sandalwood and tea trade in the South Pacific, as well as from a pineapple themed perfume called “Colony,” launched by the house of Jean Patou in 1938.

Commissioned by the Nevada Museum of Art for the exhibition of the same name, Unsettled, was presented in the gallery in a flacon shaped like a mushroom cloud, handblown from glowing uranium glass. Learn more about this commission and see more pictures of this bottle at Bruno's visual art site. To learn about the exhibition, go to the Nevada Museum of Art site.