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A spicy, fresh and sparkling vetiver with cedar overtones. Grounding, peaceful and versatile, this scent can go out for the night, or simply add a little sparkle to the office. In this first FZOTIC offering, you can opt-in to a matching cozy throw blanket.

NOTES: spice, vetiver, cedar, resins, woods.

OCCASIONS: work and play; stylish but casual; relaxed; confident moments; smart.

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This is a vetiver that I created for myself out of my love for this beautiful and complex material. I set about highlighting a specific facet of vetiver that doesn’t get emphasized so often: a bit of sparkle, spice, resin, woods. Also: versatile. Vetiver is both casual and dressed up. I wanted to create something that was appropriate any occasion.

VETIVERISSIMO is the initial offering from my new sub-brand, FZOTIC (fə-zotic, named for all things fə-zzolari). The brand will introduce new products in the year ahead, beginning with the cozy VETIVERISSIMO throw blanket, that features the VETIVERISSIMO in a 100% cotton, jacquard-loomed throw woven by expert weavers in the U.S.

Vetiverissimo Throw Blanket, 100% Cotton, 70” x 50”