What the FZOTIC?

This fall, I'm excited to introduce FZOTIC, a sub-brand that will create space for me to work more fluidly both as a perfumer and a contemporary artist.

FIRST, THE WHY: It's becoming harder to work freely within my brand given the close ties (i.e. my name!) with my work as contemporary artist. I love the synergy between my visual and scent work, but there are times when I create a scent that doesn't really fit into my work as a visual artist. And vICE VERSA: my visual work doesn't always fit my brand. This has been getting harder to navigate and it's holding back my growth as a visual artist, perfumer and entrepreneur.

NOW, THE WHAT: FZOTIC. "Fah-Zotic" (like, Ex-otic, Narc-otic, E-rotic)

FZOTIC is where non-art-world Faz-olari (sorry, had to) stuff will happen. The branding is more energized; the offerings more spontaneous. There's cool stuff I'd love to make: like a throw blanket, or soaps… FZOTIC will allow me to do more of that.
Stay tuned!