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don’t be basic,
be colorful!



fragrance reflects who you are and how you feel. A fragrance is a personal work of art that accompanies you wherever you go. It creates a space, lifts your mood, and tells a story.

Fiercely independent and crafted by hand, these are unusual scents with classic structure and subtlety that are easy to wear but still unique. Inspired by art and color, they include rare botanicals like steam-distilled neroli and orris root that you won’t find in mainstream perfume.

scent Is art.


Explore at home.

receive three scents for $18. large samples, enough for several full wears. Love one? Apply your $18 discount toward a full bottle.

Bruno Fazzolari Studio

Bruno Fazzolari

Welcome! I’m the artist, perfumer and entrepreneur here. I first started making scents to show with my paintings. I’m a real person (not a corporate start-up) in a real studio. I have a vision to create something different.

Artisanal and personal in all respects, everything (fragrance formula, images, package design) is created, bottled, boxed and shipped by me and my studio assistants in San Francisco, California.

Making art and scent is a way of pushing beyond the ordinary, connecting with people and creating community. I love what I do!

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